Freestyle Etiquette & Safety Rules

Pelham Civic Complex (PCC) & Ice Arena Freestyle Rules / General Rules

  • Coaches and skaters must adhere to Freestyle and Music Rules
  • Coaches and skaters must adhere to the United States Figure Skating (USFS) SkateSafe Code of Ethics
  • All Coaches are required to abide by and enforce freestyle rules while on the ice.
  • Coaches must wear skates when on the ice during moves-in-the-field, freestyle, and dance. Those Coaches not wearing skates must teach from the hockey box. No one is allowed on the ice without skates on with the exception of PCC Staff addressing injuries or ice issues.
  • No one is permitted in the hockey boxes except Coaches that are instructing or skaters on that session.
  • All Coaches and skaters are expected to treat each other, skate monitors, PCC employees, skaters, and parents with respect at all times.
  • Coaches will not solicit skaters or their parents either for themselves or for other Coaches. Coaches may market themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Professional Skater Association ethics will be adhered to at all times. Solicitation of other coaches' skaters will not be tolerated.
  • Unless moving with a skater during his/her program, coaches please refrain from teaching in the center of the ice. This is for the protection of both the skater and the coach.
  • Coaches are responsible to make sure that their skaters have signed in and are paid for the skating sessions.
  • Skaters are responsible to make sure that they have signed in and have paid for their sessions.
  • Coaches must yield at all times to the skaters on the session.
  • Only approved and properly trained coaches can use the jump harness and any other training equipment.
  • Videotaping and cell phone use needs to be done from the player's bench or off the ice. No videotaping of other coaches skaters without the permission of the other coach and the parent or guardian of that skater (ie. Virtual Testing)
  • Coaches who are teaching a lesson with a skater who is Basic 5 or under, a hockey player, or any skater requiring a helmet must stay with the skater at all times during their lesson for safety. Skaters Basic 5 and under, hockey players, and skaters requiring a helmet must always stay with their coach while on freestyle ice.
  • Skaters and Coaches are not allowed on the ice when the Zamboni is on the ice.
  • All skaters must have a current Learn to Skate USA or USFS Membership or USA Hockey Membership or ISI Membership to skate on a Freestyle Session.
  • No Game Playing or laying on the ice (unless injured).
  • All skaters must have passed Basic 5 to be eligible to skate on a freestyle session without a coach (no age restriction)
  • Traffic flow must be kept out of jump corners.
  • Skaters are not permitted to use handheld devices or earphones while skating (coaches are permitted to use handheld devices to choreograph)
  • Coaches may teach group (semi-private) lessons. Multiple coaches teaching groups must not stand together. At the discretion of management, busy sessions may have additional group rules restrictions imposed if safety is a factor.
  • Coaches and skaters who do not follow Pelham Civic Complex and Ice Arena Rules, Music Rules, or SkateSafe Code of Conduct will be warned. If the behavior continues, coaches and skaters will be removed from the ice with no refund and possible loss of skating privileges.

Music Rules / Right-of-Way / Rotation

  • All skaters must wear a belt when doing their program. The skater with the belt has first right-of-way.
  • Skaters on lesson only have first right-of-way when they are on program. Skaters in lessons have second right-of-way.
  • Every skater should have their music played once before any skater has their music played a second time. All skaters/teams have a 2 program limit per session.
  • Skaters may not get their music played more than once during busy sessions.
  • Restarting of music is not allowed. If you choose to play only a section of a piece of music, that is your choice, and it will count as your program. When your music is stopped, the next skater in line's music will be played.
  • Choreography should be done using handheld devices only. If you put the music into the rotation, that will count as your program. Handheld devices must not be able to be heard above the rink system.
  • The skater on deck cannot be bumped unless they have already had their program played
  • Skaters on lesson have priority for their first program only.

Rules for Parents, Guardians & Others Who Bring Skaters to Freestyle

  • Please do not yell to your skater on the ice (they cannot listen to coaches and distracting them can cause injuries to your skater or another skater).
  • Please let the coaches teach. Do not interrupt a coach while in a lesson. Set a time to discuss progress, issues, etc., while your coach is not on the ice.
  • Parents, guardians, and others may not be on the ice in street shoes, or skating during freestyle ice unless they meet the requirements of all other skaters and may not interrupt lessons.
  • Please do not stand at the doors to the ice. This is the monitor's area to observe all classes. Only credentialed professional coaches may coach skaters
  • Coaches have scheduling and cancellation policies, please respect them. If your skater's coach has not communicated those policies to you, the standard is 24-hour notice to schedule or cancel lessons. Lessons not canceled within 24 hours are subject to charge.
  • Freestyle Ice must be paid for prior to use. Skaters in arrears for more than two weeks of freestyle ice will not be allowed on the ice until their balances are brought up to date. We have many packages available to our skaters.