After School Facility Usage Information

Pelham Park Middle School Students are allowed to visit the Pelham Recreation Center after school starting in August of each school year. However, the following rules and guidelines must be followed for all students under the age of 14:

  • All middle school students must be active under a family membership prior to walking to the Recreation Center from school.
  • There is a $5 fee each visit. Parent must sign authorization form and store a card on file.
  • With the understanding that the Pelham Recreation Center is not an after-school care facility, Middle School Students are welcome to use only the gymnasium without a parent or guardian present. Staff will be present from 3:00pm - 5:00pm. At 5:00pm, if student is not picked up, they will be brought to the front desk to wait for parent or guardian to pick them up.
  • Students must be picked up by 5:00 pm. If the child is not picked up by then, a $10 late fee will be charged to your account.  
  • If discipline issues arise with a student at the Pelham rec center a parent/guardian will be called, and they will sit with the manager on duty until their parent/guardian can pick them up. Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to loud talking, offensive comments directed at Rec Center staff or other patrons, fighting, interference with other patrons’ use of the facility, running, misuse or abuse of rec center materials or equipment, and failure to observe courteous behavior to other patrons.
  • If a student leaves the rec center premises, it is the understanding that our staff will not attempt to stop or keep track of said student. 
  • The Pelham Recreation Center will be implementing a 3-strike discipline program. In the event 3 discipline issues, the privilege of walking to the rec center after school will be revoked for 1 week, and the parent/guardian and school administrator will be notified.
  • The Pelham Recreation Center Closes at 9:00 pm Monday – Thursday and 8:00 pm on Friday. If a child is in not picked up at closing, and we cannot get in touch with a parent/guardian, the Pelham Police Department will be notified.  If a child is not picked up by closing on more than one occasion, the privilege of walking to the Pelham Recreation Center after school will be revoked for the remainder of the school year.

You can either fill the form out online and send it to Tabitha Dudley, our Operations Supervisor via email, or in person at the front desk.