Establish or Disconnect Service

Establish New Service

  • Obtain and provide a copy of the written approval of inspection and verification of compliance from the Building Official, 205-620-6411, for commercial accounts.
  • Commercial Applicants must have a valid City of Pelham Business License and Federal identification number.
  • Fill out the appropriate application below.
  • Service can be set-up in advance of closing if you are purchasing property, the Deed is required within 3 to 5 business days after closing.
    If you are renting, leasing, or lease to purchase supply a copy of your dated/signed Lease Agreement at time of application.
  • Supply a copy of applicants and co-applicants (if applicable) Valid Drivers License or government issued photo ID. If you are faxing your information please make sure photo is legible for fax machine.
  • Confirm your request has been received by telephone or email.

Submit Application

You may submit your application by mail, fax (205-620-6560), or email the water department. Payment must be received in our office before service is established. You can mail the paperwork with a check. If using email, you must complete the subject line as "New Service" it cannot be left blank or the email will not be opened. We will need all paperwork and fees paid prior to establishing service. A 24-hour business day notice is required to process your request.  You may call the office at 205-620-6420
to follow up on any requests made through mail service, email or fax.

We will need all paperwork and fees paid at least one business day before you would like the account to go into your name.

Disconnect Service

Complete the Discontinue Service Request form (PDF) and return it to Pelham Water Works at least one business day prior to your requested disconnect date.
Completed form can be faxed to 205-620-6560 or email the completed form, if using email the subject line must be titled "Discontinue Service" or email will not be opened. If you do not receive confirmation of service discontinuation, contact the office at 205-620-6420 to follow up on your request.

Sending an email does not guarantee receipt. If you do not receive an email confirmation from the Department within 24 business hours of your request, please confirm by contacting the Water Department during normal business hours at 205-620-6420.