Municipal Elections

Municipal Elections are held on 4th fourth Tuesday in August every 4 years. The registered voters residing in the City of Pelham elect a mayor and 5 city councilors. City officials are elected "at-large" or city-wide. Pelham is not divided into voting districts for municipal elections. 

Voter Registration

Residents may check and/or update their voter registration and may download forms online at the Secretary of State's website. You may contact the Shelby County Board of Registrars at 669-3913 or visit their website. Voter Registration Forms are also available at the Pelham Public Library and Pelham City Hall. Residents must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old to be an eligible voter.

County, State or National Elections - Absentee Ballot

Absentee ballot application forms for all county, state or national elections are available from the Absentee Election Manager (Shelby County Circuit Clerk Mary Harris) 205-669-3779 or can be downloaded from the Secretary of State's office.

A ballot or an application for a ballot can be returned in person only by the voter or be delivered by U.S. Mail. Ballots and applications cannot be delivered by a third party.