How can I request an inspection with the City of Pelham?
  • The contractor that holds the permit is required to call in for inspections. 
  • Requests must be made by 4:00 p.m. the day before the inspection is needed.
  • There is a $50.00 first re-inspection fee for all inspections that are set up but not ready at said time and have to be rescheduled. Costs increase to $75.00 for a second re-inspection and $100.00 for a third re-inspection. This also applies to inspections that do not pass and have to be rescheduled. Your City of Pelham Building Permit Card has to be located on your job site in a waterproof enclosure and visible from the front of the structure being built. Failure to display your building permit card as outlined will result in no inspection and a $50.00 re-inspection fee. This permit card will reflect the status of your job; if the inspector signs and dates the approval of the inspection, continue with work or call 205.620.6495 and ask about the status of the inspection. If the inspection is turned down, the contractor will be charged a re-inspection fee, and the inspector will call the contractor to advise what needs to be fixed. All contractors are given ten (10) business days to pay for re-inspection fees. All re-inspection fees must be paid before a final inspection can be scheduled. 

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